"Venusian Substance" Shower Lotion-Deep Conditioner-Shave-Leave in

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"Venusian Substance" Shower Lotion-Deep Conditioner-Shave-Leave in

This gentle Venusian Substance is Vegan & Handmade from scratch. I dedicated months to a recipe I would LOVE to use on every inch of my body without doubt. Therefore, I infused Homegrown Aloe & Organic Chamomile Flowers. I solar & lunar infused Chamomile into Sunflower Oil for several months very meticulously. Topping it off with Unrefined Golden Jojoba Oil, Ivory Shea Butter & Turmeric-Infused, Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter. It has a heap of Red Rhassoul Micronzied Clay which has been clinically proven to improve skin texture, elasticity and overall condition of skin & hair.

This multi-purpose lotion is travel friendly, natural & handmade with intense care. The initial scent is 100% Pure Essential Oils of Cardamom followed by a lovely home blend of Frankincense, Blue Chamomile, Ginger, Earthy Carrot Seed, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Jasmine, Geranium, Sage, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Angelica Root, Spruce & Hyssop. All these pure essential oils are 100% natural & Organic. I also swirled Activated Bamboo Charcoal, 14K Gold Flakes & Pink Plant Based Glitter.

This can also make a lovely shaving cream that rinses right off leaving behind skin that's already been moisturized! If you need more then just rub a tad more in and your done! No need to ever switch products again. This can also help you to de-clutter your vanity & beauty space to make room for crucial items.

To use in the shower:  A quarter size amount is enough to rub into ends of wet hair & comb through. Rinse away with warm/hot water, followed by cold water to deeply seal the roots, promote a shiny gloss & hair growth. I like to leave a little in my hair when using it in the shower & this suffices for an excellent heat styling product to prevent flyaways & hold your hair style in place longer. DO NOT APPLY THIS PRODUCT TO YOUR SCALP.

Ingredients: To not give away any secrets, the ingredients will be listed on the product upon purchase. It does contain a small amount of a wide spectrum preservative which is skin safe & a non-irritant. This is necessary to prevent mold & fungus which are not always visible in handmade products.

If you want a 100% NATURAL lotion contact me, I can make one for you to your specs! The shelf life will be 3-6 months TOPS if you keep it in the fridge. Otherwise this product is all-natural & 99.99% natural.

This lotion has a 2 year shelf life. It comes packaged in an 8 Oz. Plastic recyclable, re-usable bottle. Refill this product with us for a deep discount. Contact me for details! If you have EXTREME skin conditions, test patch first. DO not apply on broken skin. Product in pictures no longer comes in a jar but consistency, colors & style remains.







*Uses include: In-Shower Lotion, Hair Style Sauce, Detangler, Leave-In Conditioner, Deep Hair Conditioner, Shave Cream & Thick Body Lotion.

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    All in one

    Posted by Cecilia on Dec 30th 2016

    Seriously can't live without this. So many uses. A leave in conditioner is perfect for my curly hair. Great on skin, hair, nails

  • 5

    Posted by Jennifer on Dec 23rd 2016

    This product is what every lotion should strive to be. It quenches and hydrates the driest skin, without being heavy or greasy. The scent is light and fresh, (smells amazing) so even someone with sensitivities to scented creams can handle it. I tried it on my daughter, who has highly sensitive skin, and it's a dream. She loves it, and no longer complains of "scratchy skin" thank you again, Little Pea Soaps, keep doing what you do :)

  • 5

    Posted by Kim on Dec 22nd 2016

    I am in love with this lotion! You can tell the instant you put it on your skin how much time and effort went into formulating the ingredients! It's light, smells intoxicating, but not overpowering. It easily absorbs into your skin and leaves it with a soft, silky, powdery finish. At least a hundred times better than expensive store bought brands. If you cherish your skin, are looking for a natural and homemade product, or want something multI purpose- this lotion is for you. Why buy many products for your body and hair, when you can have this one?? Read her product description on all the uses and benefits. Enjoy!

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    Miracle in a Jar

    Posted by Bry on Nov 30th 2016

    I absolutely am in love with this lotion, and I use it every day! I truly love how this lotion can be used for more than one thing, as an example body lotion, shaving cream, hair sauce! My curly hair has become very brittle and dry, and I tried many products to help restore my hair back to health, with little to no luck. BUT I found my little miracle in a jar, and this lotion has put moisture back in my hair, and my hair no longer feels dry or brittle, my curls are back to being bouncy and not dry! I also love using this as a lotion that makes my skin feel so soft and moisturized! And shaving cream wise, it makes my legs feel extra smooth after a nice shave! This lotion is overall an amazing product!