Tragic Endearment Coffee Love Scrub

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Apply wet or dry!

Unlike any other original coffee scrub, Tragic Endearment is non-greasy & rinses right off! It literally transforms your skin right before your eyes. Instantly go from dull, opaque, loose, dry skin into supple, refreshed, hydrated, soft, porcelain doll type skin. Safe for scalp, face, lips & body. Perfect for armpit detoxes, lymph & breast massages, all skin types & skin conditions.

Every nursing mothers dream! Exfoliate gentle areas like the bikini & inside of the booty, or even the face, scalp & hair! Rinses right off afterwards. Scrub harder on rough spots & lightly on sensitive areas or even tap gently & allow it to sit like a mask! It will leave your skin smelling sweet & warm.. not like you spilled old coffee on your blouse! ha-ha!

The coffee I use is ground fresh to order in two different granular sizes which are ULTRA fine & regular coarse. It also contains this coffee bean extract with the mother which was infused right here in the shop! The aroma is intoxicating, naturally coming from the freshly ground coffee. Essential oils can be used in different rates depending on the intention. The extra essential oils in this scrub are incorporated at the perfect ratio making it skin safe. They are not added for aroma purposes but for skin care & rejuvenating purposes, therefore, you will NOT smell any of them. This meticulous, extra step assures ultimate skin benefits for all skin types & skin conditions.

The second ingredient is Organic Fresh Coconut Flour. Respectfully, it removes extra oil buildup, supplies the skin with extra collagen building minerals & properties like lactic acid & so much more! As it marinates into the skin, it refreshes, brightens & assists in circulation to remove dark spots, scar & blemishes as well as fine lines.

**Vegan - 8 approx. weight - Organic - Cruelty-free - Artisan - 100% Natural - comes packaged inside a plant-based, standup Kraft white pouch, which is certified compostable.

NON-Comedogenic - Rinses Off; NON-Greasy

A full list of the ingredients will be provided at purchase to protect trade secrets. Contains Coconut.