"Sun Queen" Face Moisturizer and Primer SPF 35 - 100% natural - Organic

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"Sun Queen" Face Moisturizer and Primer SPF 35 - 100% natural - Organic

Finally, a 100% NATURAL face moisturizer, primer & light concealer in one! Enough fumbling around with 2-4 different products to achieve what one can. A dime-sized, even smaller, can be enough to cover the entire face. Cleanse skin prior to application. Allow it to absorb & dry fully as you work it in. If you are using as primer, apply makeup & allow it to set. Use on dark patches, uneven skin tone, dark circles, red blemishes & more to spot treat while concealing. If you are going outside or in the sun for prolonged periods, apply a little extra to the T-zone on your face. T-zone is your forehead & nose.

This sunscreen has protection against HARMFUL rays, which means you will NOT burn BUT you may get a nice glowing tan. When me and my family apply it they do NOT burn but get a nice, healthy tan. It is mostly water resistant but you may have to reapply once or twice if going into the water for prolonged periods or sweating excessively. With a low comedogenic rating of 0-2, it will be assured you do NOT break out. If you are very prone to breakouts & need a strict NON-comedogenic product, then I recommend you test it out first. Different skin types have different results. Everyone who has used it, swears by it, ranging from all skin types.

The skin-worshiping ingredients proudly are:  Unrefined, Cold-Pressed Oils of Extra Virgin Coconut, NON-Nano Zinc, Peppermint Infused Grape-seed, Unrefined Ivory Shea, Avocado, Black Seed, Unrefined Cocoa, Sweet Almond, Arrowroot, Candelilla, 100% Pure Essential Oil of Peppermint & Cucumber Extract (Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides).



*100% Natural

*Perfect for baby and kids

*Safe for scalp, hair & body.


*Packaged in a 2 ounce, reusable glass jar. As seen in pictures. Contact me to purchase larger amounts. They all come in glass containers. You can buy silicone bottles at target or walmart and refill those with this sunscreen so they are beach/travel safe. Bigger amounts get deeper discounts. I will soon offer the silicone bottles for sale. If you need a label for your silicone bottle leave me a note at checkout. Sometimes, customs requires all products to have labels prior to traveling.