Spiritual Grave Pounder - Skull Bath Bomb - Artisan Organic Vegan

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Spiritual Grave Pounder - Skull Bath Bomb - Artisan Organic Vegan

Bathing ritual grave pounder fresh from the invigorating spirits themselves. A full sized, 3D skull that weighs well over a pound. 18 ounces or so give or take an ounce. This is a cruelty-free, handmade fresh, Vegan Bath Treat for your everyday bath lover. NO CHEMICALS EVER! Slice it up & use it for multiple baths!

Upon releasing its Unrefined Hemp Seed & Rice Bran oils, Therapeutic Essential Oils & colorful bubbles it also releases deep pink rose petals & Lavender Buds. It smells like you are lost in the woods after escaping the blair witch! Metaphorically speaking of course! The creative ghost has taken over once again. Time to release troubled, cluttered thoughts & transform negativity.

I use the purest essential oils which are organic and responsibly sourced. I can trace down the trees, flowers, herbs, roots and peels used in all the essential oils I use! This magical blend is an absolute favorite! Mostly TX. Cedar Wood, FL. Grapefruit, GA Fir Needle Pine, Lavender very lightly from France along with a touch of vetiver from India, India Pure Vanilla and a few drops of Clove Buds from Indonesia. Blended perfectly to create high woodsy smokey notes with rounded Citrus and hints of floral and spicey musk.

This medium/slow fizzing bath bomb will float & spin with colors or you can hold it up to the surface, steady, to create lovely  bath art with the colorful foam/bubbles! These bath bombs are not just your everyday pretty colored bath! They are filled with other skin loving ingredients to ease muscle aches, spasms, anxiety, release stress & balance mood while stabilizing your mental state of mind for a happier outlook.

The ingredients are:  Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom/Dead Sea Salt, Coconut Flour, Cassava, Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Rice Bran Oil, 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend (listed above), Black Cumin Seed Oil, Poly-80, SLSA, Colorant, Rose Petals &/or botanicals.

Full Skull comes with a bath melt inside that will NOT leave you greasy or slippery. Use it for 1-5 baths. (It is pretty big so I would save it for future baths).

***WATCH the video to see it in action! Most of my products have videos!

**Weighs Roughly 18 Oz - Just The Face weighs 9-11 Oz.

**Retail Value is: $ 25 for the skull but get it discounted for a limited time.

**CHOOSE from the FULL skull or Just The FACE!






*NO Fragrance

******If you would like a certain essential oil, essential oil blend or fragrance oil, colors etc, kindly leave me a note at checkout!



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    Posted by Bry on Dec 20th 2016

    This bath bomb is a definite winner in my book! It's such an amazing bath bomb, it truly has it all! The colors that come out of this bath bomb is so captivating, it makes such a beautiful bath, as you sit back in awe while the colors smoothly flow out! You can feel your skin soak up the nutrients and become so soft to the touch after sitting in a rainbow filled bath! It makes me so happy that this formula, even with beautiful colors, wont dry out my skin, like other bath bombs i have used before i found Little Pea Soaps!This was by far my most favorite bath experience due to this bath bomb! Little Pea Soaps makes my favorite bath bombs, i love every one that i have experienced, but this one is my favorite! Skin moisturizing, beautiful colors(its quite a show watching it fizz and bubble), and soft skin to the touch, that sounds like the best kind of bath bomb to me! I used "just the face"!