"Momma Milky" Baby Artisan Soap - 100% Natural - Unscented - Vegan

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unscented baby soap 100% natural

This soap is unscented, made using 100% natural, certified organic ingredients & non-comedogenic. The star of the show, that makes it so effective, is Momma's Milky. This milk comes from a healthy mommy. ME! I also added extra at trace making it extra nourishing, pure & creamy. Good for all skin types & skin conditions. Will not over-dry or strip your skin.

Selling, buying & donating human-milk is not only legal but encouraged. Check out "Only The Breast" & see more! "Breast milk contains the “perfect combination of proteins, fats, vitamins and carbohydrates,” according to the American Pregnancy Association. It also contains leukocytes, living cells that help fight infection." See rest of article here

This soap is good for cleaning wounds, oily/combination skin, eczema, cradle cap, acne, wrinkle prone skin, sunburned skin, rashes, insect bites, post surgery/sutures, daily hand soap & more. Find out what this soap/shampoo bar can do for you. These are in high demand & made in small batches. 

**The second best attraction that compliments my milky perfectly is: Micronized Red Rhassoul Clay. Micronized Red Rhassoul Clay has been studied and proven to be one of the best skin care products on the market. Check out these amazing stats:

  • Reduces dryness (79%)
  • Reduces flakiness (41%)
  • Improves skin clarity (68%)
  • Improves skin elasticity / firmness (24%)
  • Improves skin texture (106%).
  • Removes surface oil and oil from inside and around pores
  • Removes dead skin layers, resulting in a general smoothing of the surface skin


The skin loving ingredients proudly are: Momma's Milk infused with Pink Himalayan Salt, Saponified oils of Chamomile & Calendula (Sunflower), Unrefined cold-pressed Avocado, Kokum Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut, Kukui, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel, Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter, Rice Bran, Rhassoul Clay (Micronized) & Coconut Milk.

**Each bar is roughly 3.5 Oz.Perfect for small new mommy hands & new baby heads. NOT tear-free but it is gentle & if used with patience/care, no soap will get in eyes. My son & my friend's kids all were born & raised using real soap without chemicals, you just have to be careful. Each one is a different animal packaged inside a beautiful turquoise gift box with ribbon. You can request an animal & I will include it if its available. My son Connor, got into these when I turned my back so they have unique designs from my baby poking them! I have them discounted just for that reason.

**100% Natural
**Human Milk Soap
**Sensitive Skin

Please keep your soaps on a soap dish, Preferably one made out of fine wood with rungs. This will allow it to dry faster. Keep it away from running water & puddles. Keep soap bars away from shower area when not in use to avoid water running over it. Doing this will prolong and extend the life of your bar keeping it shiny, hard & bubbly as it dries quickly.

If you are new to handcrafted soaps we recommend purchasing a couple.

Contact us to create a personalized gift set. I love doing custom work & always include plenty of free samples & goodies in every order going out. Did you see something in specific or buy something in a craft show that you do not see here or on my website?

CONNECT with me so I can make sure to have your item available or handmade to order just for you! I look forward to all your reviews & suggestions. Did I mention I love doing custom orders!?