"Gender Reveal" Bath Bombs for Gender Reveal Party

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gender reveal

Gender Reveals are one of my favorite events! You can get so creative with various fun possibilities!

I designed these Gender Reveal Bath Bombs TWO ways:  Fast fizzing &  Slow fizzing. Please make sure to read this in it's entirety before purchasing!

For a reveal in a gathering, it is recommended to purchase the fast fizz reveal. These usually SINK to the bottom of a BIG, mostly-filled, clear container. It will reveal a stream of color that rises upwards to then explode & change the color of the water to either blue or pink. When choosing fast fizzing ones, you will get a BASIC bath bomb (Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Essential Oil & Colorant). It will fizz away fast, usually within 1:30-2:30 minutes, without causing any foam or bubbles, to quickly reveal the gender of your baby to you & your guests. You can also give every guest a fizz and have them drop it in their own containers for a unified reveal. Another good idea is to have huge pretty glass bowls in the main stage or area where the couples sit. You can decorate this area very beautifully & when the time is ready, grab a few Gender Reveal Bath Bombs & the couple can toss them in & watch the fun as the water turns a beautiful blue or pink to reveal the gender of the baby!

The (slow) fizzing bath bombs are intended for a suspenseful, intimate reveal in the bath tub with you and your loved one or even by yourself. People love giving these as gifts as they can make the perfect gift for the mother to be in your life. Set up your beautiful bath area with light candles & flower petals or whatever ambience resonates with you! Taking around 5-7 minutes to fizz & reveal the gender of your baby; as oppose to the fast fizz which reveals the gender within a minute or two. These slow fizz ones can also make great party favors when you have your baby shower as well & can be beautifully presented for each one of your guests to take home for their own bath!

 If the slow fizz overflows, the bubbles on the top will create several barriers & will not allow the bomb to freely move around & may prevent the color from exploding & spreading/blending properly into the water.

Please make sure that when ready for the reveal, you create a bright, neutral ambience surrounding the reveal container so that the entire party can view without dim or colorful lights doubting or hiding the reveal.

Slow fizzing ones contain the same ingredients as the Baby Bath Bombs which include:  Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Calendula infused Sunflower oils, Calendula extract, luxurious oils of Golden Jojoba & Unrefined Hemp, Cassava, scented with pure essential oil of Tangerine & Colorant.

****I recommend that you buy an extra couple so the host can practice at home to anticipate how much water is necessary to prevent an overflow, etc.****

I gladly make these to order & can make them lightly scented or unscented, just leave me a note at checkout if you want them unscented. Otherwise they come scented with a bright spicy sweet orange oil.

On your end, you would arrange a certain special someone to snail mail, text or email me the gender/color of your choice or leave me a note at checkout. If you are having boy/girl twins & can accommodate you with both pink & blue inside one to come out separately or we can do one for each gender. If it is two girls (pink & purple), two boys (blue & green), etc. The possibilities are endless & I am open to any other ideas or creations. Bulk pricing available at wholesale price.

Vegan - Organic - Artisan - Cruelty Free - Natural - 2 oz each


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