1. Why Lye? (Sodium Hydroxide)

    • Lye is a caustic soda and very dangerous. When I first read about it, I too wondered how chemistry did it's thing. In a nut shell, there is no soap without lye. You'd basically be washing your hands with oils. ALL soap has lye. When the oils are saponified properly and carefully with the lye, sodium molecules pair with oil molecules and soap is born! Of course, there is much more to it then that. But in laymen, that is why we lye!

  2. Why hand crafted soap?

    • Our soap is made the traditional, cold-processed way. They are cured for 2 months & our Castile is cured for 9-12 months, before they go on sale to ensure the best product possible. Your skin is the largest organ on your body. If you can't eat it then don't wear it. Store bought shampoo, soaps and skin care products have too many toxic ingredients. If your looking to rid your home of "casual toxins", this is a good place to start. A bar of soap looks smaller then that bottle of body wash, but there are many aspects to consider. Quality & thoughtfulness of ingredients for one is above all. Secondly, that bottle contains about the same amount, if not less, compared to soap. If taken care of properly, your soap will withstand and last longer then most store-bought bottled wash. Also, just as important, is that plastic bottle itself. Not only is the stuff inside usually harmful for the environment (just cause you see it disappear down the drain doesn't mean it's gone) but so is the bottle. That bottle may never be recycled properly (whether it cant be or it doesn't get a chance to be), plastic never ever goes away. Unfortunately, corporations haven't been mindful to recycling or coming up with plans to properly dispose of their waste/materials and without advertising it, leave it up to the consumer. Here is an interesting article.

  3. What is the difference between Shampoo Bars and Soap Bars?

    • Soap has more free floating oils to nourish the skin as opposed to shampoo bars. Some soap can work as shampoo bars & vice versa. This varies from person to person and their type of hair, greatly. Sometimes too many free floating oils can cause the greasy and heavy, grimy feel most people feel when washing their hair with soap/liquid castile (thats not really castile at all) or shampoo bars. One shampoo bar can work wonders for me and be too heavy for someone else.
      Also, the types of oils used in shampoo bars are different types & amounts and make all the difference in the overall feel & look of ANY hair. There is usually a small 1-2 week adjusting period that your hair has to get used to after switching from the bottled stuff. Using an ACV rinse will dramatically improve your shampoo bar experience, whether bad or good because it allows the hair shaft to seal and relax as it balances your scalps PH so your scalp doesn't overproduce sebum due to the amount of it that was stripped. Especially if you have hard water, it can make it hard to enjoy your soaps. Use a reverse osmosis water filter for your home! It pays for itself in an extremely short amount of time!
      Bottled shampoos have built-in chemicals that coat the hair and give it an appearance of health but this too is an illusion. A lot of shampoo bars contain fragrances and this too can cause issues in scalp rejuvenation & healthy looking hair. We only use essential oils in our shampoo bars and they're all beneficial to the hair and scalp. We also have unscented for those with sensitivities. Unfortunately, true beauty has a cost.
      At Little Pea Soap & Bath, we diminish that cost as much as possible to bring you a positive & beautifying experience. If you do not enjoy a shampoo bar, one can always use it as regular soap! There are a lot of other useful ways to use up your soap just never throw it out!
      We will soon be launching our Conditioner Bar & Leave-In Conditioner so keep a look out for that! Sign up to get alerts on this release & more! Every soap you get from us is a potential shampoo bar in the making! Try it as they will each differ the results in your hair!

  4. Are all your products Vegan?

    • Our soaps are NOT made with animal fats. However, some are considered Vegetarian. The products may contain beeswax, honey, animal milks, Emu oil & cruelty free silk which is wild-harvested long after the silk worms have moved on. I am currently using up the last of my animal milks & beeswax. Afterwards, everything will be Vegan. I will notify of this change as it happens. Meanwhile, all our products are listed with all the ingredients and reads starting from the most ingredients used, ending with the least ingredient used.
      Custom Orders will still benefit from these animal ingredients if they choose. Some soaps will have silk. I still consider this to be Vegan but for labeling & political correctness purposes, will read Vegetarian.

  5. Are your products safe for allergies?

    • Most products are gluten-free. When it comes to Almonds, Coconuts, Soy allergies etc & you are highly allergic, even if a product doesn't contain what your allergic to, I wouldn't risk it and would consult my health care professional for advise. We clean & sterilize all of our equipment. All our materials and oils are labeled and stored properly. We are not responsible for any allergies caused as it is your responsibility as a consumer to understand ingredient labels & risk assessed.

  6. Do your products contain any GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)?

    • Everything we sell is proudly NON-GMO & made with 100% natural and/or organic ingredients. Although our company is yet to be certified organic, it is in our list of long-term goals. A certification for being organic is what it sounds like. A certification. You pay to apply to get your company a certificate that is approved by state and federal laws that assures you go through all the loops to maintain the certificate that says you are using organic ingredients and practices.
      Although a vendor or ingredient is NOT CERTIFIED Organic, it can just mean the certification is too expensive and they can still use Organic practices without technically becoming certified. We maintain close relationships to vendors who practice Organic processes. Everything is preservative & pesticide free & up to the highest quality. We do however, due to high demand, use natural & a very low dose of a preservative in our custom ordered lotions.

  7. Why does lotion contain a preservative?

    • A lotion is a combination of oil and water. Water + medium (oils) + humidity = MOLD/FUNGUS. To prevent a wide and full spectrum of microbial growth we must use a preservative. If you would like a preservative-free lotion, you must request it & we will make it to order, at no extra charge. This is because these lotions have a life of 2-4 weeks & must be refrigerated to extend it even further. I would hate to make a batch of these preservative free lotions and nobody ends up buying them! Our butters on the other hand are very different. Butters contain only waxes & oils therefore, if the oils are of high quality, the product should last well over a year.

  8. Are all your products made to order?

    • Everything but our cold-process soaps are gladly made to order. Our soaps can take up to 2 months to cure. We can make you a one pound loaf to your specifications and give you a use by date. We can do larger sizes if interested. Nothing less then a pound unless it is a soap we already have produced. We don't charge extra for custom orders although shipping MAY be more expensive due if weight fluctuates.

  9. Are your baby soaps tear-free?

    • Unfortunately, no matter how gentle, it is not possible to make a soap 100% tear-free without chemicals. Sounds weird right? That's what I think! A soap can be gentle, but if a large amount of soap, for whatever reason, gets into babies eyes, just rinse out with cool water. If A LOT of soap is INGESTED, do not induce vomiting. Drink plenty of water & call your health professional or urgent care center just in case. My baby has gotten into a few soaps and hes always fine! Now, if we are talking EATING & SWALLOWING MOUTHFULS then yes, I would go to the emergency room. Never induce vomiting unless directed by a professional or product advise. Handling baby soaps regularly will not cause discomfort if a small amount gets around eyes.

  10. What do I do with the herbs/candies/glitter/mica/toppings on my soap?

    • These are only toppings for interest & decorative reasons to usually match a theme in the soap. If the glitter or mica bother you (like if your male) just wash or wipe it away, it usually won't stick to skin after shower anyways. Sometimes a soap may contain toppings that can cause discomfort or an exfoliation, like orange peel corners, ouch! You can just pull these out or wipe away when the water hits it. I don't use sharp toppings. But I do use Mica, glitter, spices & herbs. The herbs rarely discolor on me. I like to scrub myself with them. It smells great & releases their essential properties! Usually it is safe for contents to go down the drains as they are biodegradable.

  11. My take on Palm Oil is best described in this article here. "Simply removing palm oil from the entire cosmetics industry (including the Proctor and Gamble’s of the world) would only remove a mere 5% – 10% of industrial demand on palm oil."