When Big Bad Vendors Turn Tyrant

Posted by Little Pea Soap & Bath on Jan 3rd 2017

This blog was created to detail the delay in orders LPS has been experiencing this week. If anyone doubts this and wants to see the actual emails, let me know!

I recently decided to purchase from Wholesale Supplies Plus. I was very excited & happy to find an economical provider who could fill the gaps for what Brambleberry couldn't fulfill. Most of their items are over priced but I needed a rather simple list of goodies so I ordered. Everything went as planned..until...


*Me in the bath tub of course* I dried off and went downstairs expecting the delivery. I have lived in City Side Condominiums for going on 4 years. Every year around the holidays packages get stolen. Brambleberry immediately replaces it. So does Soap-Making-Resource & every other vendor I've worked with. 

Well when I went to answer the door I halted because I heard 2 men whispering in the blind spot of the peep hole. But in front of me in the sidewalk I saw 3 teenagers. One female and other 2 male with a grey & white adolescent pit-bull. I can describe what they were wearing, race etc & they had a sense of urgency. I did not dare to open the door in case they were going door to door & planned on jumping people. 

So I went back upstairs thinking I saved myself from some altercation. I had an urge to check my tracking though & of course it was delivered the same exact time this went down. I knew then that they stole it. I immediately went to the office & described them. The lady there told me that those kids got kicked off the property that same day & that they are always getting kicked out. Also, they have been arrested before for doing just that in this same complex! This I even have in writing. I mean how stupid must you be? Pretty stupid for me to not answer the door with my gun.. but I live on & learn.

I always used to answer to strangers strapped, but that's when I lived in the HOOD.. but you get spoiled living in a place like this. And I can't see why. This place is overpriced and it's just lipstick on a pig. Its supposed to be gated & safe.. but you can't build expensive condos, literally right next to section 8 project housing..sorry...you cannot.. And i FEEL SO SORRY for the owners here who pay THOUSANDS of dollars in association fees every month and other dues that should be illegal but whatever, that's for another blog. Good thing blogs were created for this type of ranting huh?

Without justice this is all I have left. But this is not the hood and those kids are spoiled. They would not know what to do with my supplies they stole! 

So I emailed WSP 12/23/2016:


I was waiting for this order and I heard the doorbell ring but I was in the bathroom. I dried off and put my robe on and ran downstairs and saw a bunch of kids leaving and my package was gone. It was around the same time that UPS dropped off the package and I thought that they were playing a prank ringing doorbells and running away. I am in the process of filing a police report with the office here.

I have 5 orders that are backed up because of this package and now I don't know what to do. Every year they take packages around the holidays. It is so frustrating and I wanted to let you know this I also talked to UPS and they told me to file a police report. They also said they will be contacting you guys.

Little Pea Soap & Bath Inc."

I got no reply to this email, I thought maybe cause I wrote it in a rush. The people in the office & director of HOA was going to assist me in doing the police report so I had to wait till after Christmas. I didn't hear from WSP. So I wrote them again 12/26/2016:


I recently (23rd) replied to my email with a rushed reply.

My package was stolen off my porch. I haven't done a police report yet but I plan on doing so today with the help of my HOA. I am backed up in orders and I was wondering what can you all do on your end? UPS says it's up to you because they delivered the package.

Apparently, the office says that the kids have gotten arrested in the past for the same thing. Please help!?

I look forward to your reply and advice. Thank you


The next day I received a response:

"Good Morning Vanessa,

Thank you for emailing us regarding your order. I am so sorry to hear that your package was stolen off your porch. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything we can do at this point. I would suggest making a police report and hopefully they are able to recover the package for you. Please let me know if I can assist you any further."

So I replied INFURIATED & as polite as my big mouth can handle:

"So I have to eat up this cost? I am the one that's responsible for this? If it was shipped USPS they would at least give me back the $50 because its insured... UPS doesn't even let me make a proper claim.

I can't believe this. I really highly doubt that they are going to recover the package.

It makes my blood boil that you all got paid and someone else is out there with my package and that's the money I made out of My hard-earned Blood Sweat and Tears.

And this is why I am so in love with brambleberry and I can't wait till they sell a more variety of things so I can shop from them exclusively.

They would actually care about this right now."

I literally almost closed up shop! I had so many orders backed up & I'm still backed up. I got a phone call from I think Debbie, The President & she said she spoke to UPS, & that UPS TOLD HER there was nothing they could do if the package was delivered AND in a case of THEFT it was out of their hands! I know this is not true because UPS has reimbursed me before, for these thefts that happen every year! My house was supposed to be flagged to begin with. USPS & Fedex DO NOT drop off on my porch & I though UPS was in the same understanding but maybe with the holiday rush they forgot. I thanked her & hung up the phone thinking it was over. BUT I couldn't recover from this loss..something didn't feel right at all!

I refunded money to some people for orders I couldn't fulfill & my reputation is now inconsistent. I had to ask for a loan when I was finally starting to be independent so I can re-order from them which I did!! I even paid extra $15 to be "jumped ahead of the line" whatever the F**K that means.. for extra $5, You could overnight it!

SO I called UPS crying told them how this might be the end to my business. I told them everything. The guy was obviously pained & bothered for me. He revealed that on their end it showed WSP still had to make contact or make their move. She had not talked to them it turned out! He told me himself. He said if it was up to UPS, that they would reimburse me BUT the contract between UPS & WSP clearly state that in a case of theft, that the sender would be responsible for EITHER REPLACING THE PACKAGE OR REIMBURSING ME. WOW... so she made a premeditated decision & lied to my face.. the greed. AND she even tried to up-sell me on melt n pour bases! 

SO I called them & left them a message. Saying to please help me. I tried to hold back my tears. I HATE crying especially in front of people & especially in front of the people who hurt me to begin with. In the message I BEGGED for help, a discount maybe overnight the package to me was the least they could do. I mentioned what UPS said & how it was up to them. I still have not gotten a call back. 

So I replied to their automatic message (which is supposedly personally sent..whatever) I got after placing the second order & feeling like I'm on the walk of shame. 12/31/2016:

"I think from all the grief I have experienced with you all that the least you can do is overnight my package. UPS said that they have an agreement with you that if something like my situation were to occur that it was up to you to either reimburse me or replace the package. Since you made a choice not to do either, I will be blogging about this whole experience. Especially after I left a voicemail with you all crying in tears begging you to please help me. I don't know what kind of customer service you're referring to but around the holidays people have sympathy.

I had to beg my mother who I left years ago, for money. It takes me awhile to receive my funds from orders I get. This situation has halted my business and almost made me close up shop.

I have exactly 10 orders that were supposed to go out before Christmas that are still sitting here. And I just got two last night.

I even paid an extra $15 so I can be jump ahead of the line but I think that I shouldn't have had to pay that either.

I'm not sure if you all were ever a small business before you became this Corporation but it is very hard for me with a little baby to do this all by myself with no support whatsoever. im so glad youve never had to experience what i have and if u have then, shame on you. i hope this is the last time i have to order from u all. I'm currently working on a Blog with all these details and I hope that all of my soap maker friends read it. I also hope that all my customers read it.

Good luck with your new year. if for some reason you find yourself feeling bad you may be able to recuperate this business relationship if you do your part on doing what's right.

16249807 is the case number for West Palm Beach Florida so you see my package was stolen and I'm not trying to run a scam.

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!"

I am yet to hear anything & probably won't. If it wasn't for 2 loyal customers who understood, I would be drowning right now. I did have to refund orders but they understood. I just don't care for how I had to experience all this. 

Brambleberry understands the struggle. They have ALWAYS replaced my packages AND they jump me in front of the line, I get my package faster too! THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE DEBBIE! Brambleberry does NOT judge me, think Im a liar & they DO NOT lie to me! That is why I gladly spend all my money on them. So I sent BB a letter to please stock up on the handful of items I need so I don't have to deal with this BULL ever again! I am CERTAIN other crafters will agree with me. If this was a BB package, I would've already had my orders made & out the door. Cause they OVERSTAND that one mistake can derail a business, but faith & love always come through to help after the darkness attempts to steal from the poor. 

SO thank you BRAMBLEBERRY FOR ALWAYS being Robin Hood. AND WSP you know where you can shove the $100s of dollars I've given you. You're welcome. Now where's my package? 

I won't even give them the pleasure of back-linking their site on my blog, so you all can google them or email them or phone them & voice your injustice on my behalf. Thank you for reading my rant.

Happy New Year!

I awaited for a reply from them but nothing. So I'm going to post this & update accordingly. This is why all my orders are backed up. But don't worry ya'll! I always pick up the slack for the wickedest & make it better. I'm including several freebies in delayed orders.


January 3, 2017 - I get this email:

"Hi Vanessa,

Please note that our offices were closed for the holiday; and combined with my vacation days, I am just returning back to this office this afternoon. I received your email and voice mail message and I am sorry to hear that your theft issue has yet to be resolved. Please note that order# 1315743 has already shipped via UPS Ground. Your UPS tracking# is as follows (1Z3Y61540360452748).

Vanessa, we are so sorry to hear of your misfortune and although we are not able to provide a complete replacement, we have provided the following:

1.We refunded your line jump fee of $15 back to your PayPal account for order# 1315743

2.We refunded the $5 handling fee back onto your PayPal account for order# 1315743

Please let me know if you have any further questions."

SLAP right in the face.. Do I need to explain why? DIDN'T THINK SO.

I did not reply to them. EF THEM!

January 5, 2017:

I jut got an email threatening me!!!

Let me first school you on disclaimers. FIRST OF ALL, disclaimers under emails like the one you are about to see are to protect CONSUMERS privacy & any sender's private info. If it's intended for me and I got it I can post it & blog about it ok? I did remove names/signatures for their privacy bla bla... this is NOT my first rodeo with these disclaimers dear. If it was delivered to the wrong party & that wrong party exposed or shared it THEN THAT ACTION is prohibited.


"Hi Vanessa,

I am reaching out to you in regards to your blog posted on 1/3/17 titled “When Little Pea Soaps Almost Went Out Of Business” (http://littlepeasoaps.com/blog/ ) I was a bit surprised to see that you posted an actual email from a Customer Service Representative at Wholesale Supplies Plus. The email not only provided a word-for-word email reply from a Wholesale Supplies Plus employee but it also discloses the full name of the Customer Service Rep that sent the reply. Please note that the email that you posted had a confidentiality notice and is considered privileged and proprietary information. This notice is found in every email received from Wholesale Supplies Plus and can be found directly below the email signature.

The notice specifically states: “This transmission contains confidential and/or legally privileged information from Wholesale Supplies Plus, Inc. and is intended only for the use of the individual(s) to which it is addressed.Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure, copying, forwarding, or distribution is strictly prohibited.” This is a lawfully binding notice in which you can be held legally responsible. With that said, we are asking that you please remove the email written by Wholesale Supplies Plus employee (name removed for protection) from your blog at once to avoid any legal encounter. In case you have any questions regarding the email that we are asking you to remove; I pasted a copy below directly from your blog. If the email is not removed by end of day on 1/6/17; we will have to contact our attorneys at Wegman, Hessler and Vanderburg to take further action. Thank you!"

NOW TELL ME, who would want to take a little ol soap-maker to court for expressing her freedom of speech? Someone who was exposed as having poor customer service & who feels like I am the threat.

First of all, I am very aware of the blog which I don't need the patronizing for by copying & pasting. What a joke... Secondly, They would overstand this if they took the time to CARE & READ this email. They should also know we live in AMERICA where people blog reviews by the millions.

Sorry dearie, but if you want to take me to civil court or try & sue me, guess what? You will be wasting time (time is money), wasting money on court fees & legal fees & for nothing because they have no damages. This is petty & the only thing that can relinquish or justify this would have been actual good customer service & crucifying the ego. Instead of this person trying to better our relationship & doing what is right to fix it by replacing my package or refunding my money, THEY THREATEN ME!! This is rather traumatizing & let this be a public record of that trauma.

First of all you can't add things to a disclaimer & base it as law just because you say so. There is context involved which I'm sure your lawyer will school you on. But in case you don't want to wait, here is whats going to happen:

You lawyer will charge you hours for sending a cease & desist letter. But they first have to find something for me to cease doing. Since I'm not doing anything... well... there you go. Let's say they do find some petty thing... I'll have 30 days...OH and if I decide to counter attack, I'm sure I'll have better luck seeing as I am a small business who is OBVIOUSLY being mistreated, bullied & threatened. This is emotional distress leaning towards mental distress.

This is not communist Cuba love. There is something called the right to press, speech, religion, jury of my peers & I can keep on going... but I have work to do. Maybe I should be the one to take legal encounter.