Gender Reveal Party

Posted by Vanessa Rojas on Dec 22nd 2016

How exciting to witness one of my bath bombs in action at a Gender Reveal Party! It is  such an amazing moment in time for a family! Many people whom I inspire will decide to do this for themselves, so I am here to offer tips, tricks & much necessary info to help you. Before we watch the reveal, I want to say THANK YOU to Patty's Creations in Shreveport, Louisiana. I am so honored to have been a part of this special night.

We have TWO different types of gender reveals. Intimate reveal (slow fizz) & a fast fizz reveal. Intimate reveal was designed for the happy couple to relax in their tub & see the reveal of their baby together. It will float & fizz very slow & create a suspenseful, yet thrilling ambience. After a few minutes (5-6 minutes) a small dot of a color has you slightly questioning the turnout until it turns into a stream revealing the gender of your baby! You may do this in a gathering as well to watch your loved ones guessing & carrying on with joy as the desire to find out grows! It makes me giggly just thinking about it!

If you do decide to make an intimate reveal in a gathering, make sure to fill your container halfway because it will overflow with foamy bubbles! If it overflows, the bubbles on the top will create several barriers, trapping the bomb & it will not allow the bomb to freely move around; preventing the color from exploding & spreading into the water. If this happens you can wait a longer time until it settles down or simply poke the bomb further into the water, re-hydrating it.

For a proper reveal in a gathering, it is recommended to purchase the fast fizz reveal. These will SINK to the bottom of a mostly filled container without creating foam or bubbles. ONLY FIZZY FAST GOODNESS! <3 It will reveal a stream of color that rises upwards to then explode & change the color of the water to either blue or pink. You may setup a main stage with a big see through bowl & dunk in a few or have each of your guests drop one at the same time in their own containers to reveal together! They come lightly scented with 100% Pure Essential Oil of Tangerine which has been clinically proven to refresh the mind while calming it. Which we will need for this event, right?!

The recipe for these bombs are exactly like the Baby Bath Bombs. When choosing the fast fizz ones that sink, the recipe will only include Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Colorant & Essential oils! This recipe will not overflow & cause massive bubbles!

If you are having boy/girl twins, I can accommodate you as well. We can create a pink AND blue stream to be released from the bomb at separate sides, or we can do two different colored bombs for each gender. If it is two girls I can make one bomb with both colors (pink & purple), two boys (blue & green). The possibilities are truly endless & you can help me to help you get as creative as possible to have a truly memorable event no one will ever forget! And to make sure they don't, you can give your guests each a Gender Reveal Bath Bomb or two as party favors for them to enjoy at home! Perfect!

So without further delay, here is the video of the Gender Reveal Party! The ones used here were the slow fizz! How exciting! I felt like I was right there with them! Enjoy watching everyone, comment if you like & get your own Gender Reveal Bath Bombs right here! Little Pea Soap & Bath Inc. 100% Natural - Eco-friendly & ALWAYS cruelty-free!