When Big Bad Vendors Turn Tyrant

Posted by Little Pea Soap & Bath on Jan 3rd 2017

This blog was created to detail the delay in orders LPS has been experiencing this week. If anyone doubts this and wants to see the actual emails, let me know!I recently decided to purchase from Whole … read more

Gender Reveal Party

Posted by Vanessa Rojas on Dec 22nd 2016

How exciting to witness one of my bath bombs in action at a Gender Reveal Party! It is  such an amazing moment in time for a family! Many people whom I inspire will decide to do this for themselv … read more

What is Polysorbate 80? I heard this stuff was bad news..

Posted by Vanessa Rojas on Aug 20th 2016

There is a lot of misinformation spreading on the internet recently.. more so, I have noticed, then previously. Whatever the reason, I also notice Polysorbate is a hot topic for the crunchy, fellow na … read more