Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs were originally created to detoxify the skin, provide mineral supplementation while helping to stabilize your thoughts & mood. Not every salt is created equally & each one provides an array of benefits, as does the clay, botanical, extracts & oils used. We add extra doses of Magnesium, VitD3 & Calcium along with a variety of salts, usually Dead Sea & Epsom, as well as Bentonite or Natural Brazil Clay.

Each product is unique in style & may slightly differ from the pictures. They also have their unique combination of oils, butters, extracts & colors. Some are 100% natural & some contain fragrance oils. Most are made with 100% pure essential oils. If you would like to replace a fragrance, style or color just leave a note at checkout & I will be glad to accommodate you.

Artisan, Vegan & Cruelty-free, we use natural & organic ingredients. All our bath treats are made fresh to order! Soak in our thoughtfully prepared bath bombs for mental stability, muscle soreness, inflammation, mood improvement, aromatherapy benefits & more to enhance your natural beauty radiating from the inside out.

Here at Little Pea Soap & Bath Inc. we are amenable & strive to perfect your bathing rituals & skin care experience. What is your self-love routine? What is your bathing ritual?

**NO glitters (Micro Plastics/Plastic)

**Will NOT stains your tub, towels, skin or hair.